10 Things To Do For Spring Break

Some of you already had Spring Break, some are on it, and some have it coming still.

If you've got kids, the first few days are fine, but then they tend to get bored. Here are 10 things to do!

1.  Go for a nature walk. Hopefully where you are it's warm enough to do that! Snap some pictures while you are out.

Taken by my friend Heather.

2. Plant a garden! Not only will you spend time with your kids, but you'll be able to enjoy what you grow.

Planted these this week!

3. Bird watch! Create a bird feeder or put out a bird bath and watch the birds. A simple bird feeder would be attaching a piece of yarn to a pine cone covered in peanut butter and birdseed.

                                                                               Source: icanteachmychild.com via Haley on Pinterest

4. Painting with nature... use a flowers or branches to paint with.

5. Spring Scavenger Hunt! Have your kiddos hunt specific types of flowers or listen for certain spring sounds like birds. They'll learn about nature and have fun!

6. Make a glow in the dark garden! This seems to be the new thing. Paint rocks with glow in the dark paint or other things. I have this glow in the dark butterfly in a jar!

7.  Go fly a kite! Hopefully you have some spring breezes around! Don't have one? Make one!

                                                                             Source: trieulove.com via Betty on Pinterest

8. Make a spring craft! Flowers, trees, ducklings, or lambs...a spring craft is sure to be fun! Look at this fun thumb print painting by my friend's sister!

                                                           Source: meetthedubiens.com via Deb @ Living Montessori Now on Pinterest

9. Squirt art! I think I may have to do this myself and I don't have kids!

                                                                     Source: rockabyebutterfly.com via Rockabye on Pinterest

10. Just sit outside and read, or have a picnic. Or just sit and relax!
My cat and I relaxing!

Hopefully you can beat that boredom!

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  1. Hi There! I just love your new blog design! These spring break activities are great ideas. I hope it warms up enough here in Michigan to enjoy some outdoor time! I am a new follower. Kathy sent me your way!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  2. Kathy sent me here! I'll come back n look more at your stuff next week (break -yay) thanks !

  3. Kathy's having a Birthday Party!!! LOVE your stuff!


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