Spring Break Bucket List

I'm officially on Spring Break!  And there's a 95% chance I have a rib out, boo! But I think it's better this morning already, whew.

Now I'm not doing anything exciting like going to Hawaii like my parents (boo hiss, I couldn't convince them to take me).

But I plan on a few things...

1) Relax!
2) Workout
3) Try some new recipes.

I know I've said it before, but I LOVE skinnytaste.com

4) Have a pajama/popcorn/movie night with one of my besties. 
5) Craft day with the same bestie! 

Blech cute pic but my face is not as round anymore lol.

We were running a city bbq. Tons of fun!

6) Work on some new products! 
7) Sleep in!

I'm linking up with Brigid!

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