Pens Please!

I love pens and markers!!! Loving office supplies must be a teacher thing :)

I loved all these products and all the pens had grips! 

This is the BIC Atlantis Ballpoint Retractable Pen. Pretty and blue and a grip!

Up next is the BIC for Her Retractable Ballpoint Pen. It has a grip too! And it was a pink pen with purple pen in the pack.

These BIC Velocity Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pens write so nice and smooth!

The pack of BIC Mark-it Grip Permanent Marker Set came with 2 black markers, and a green, blue, and red marker. 

Finally is the BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape. I am loving that it is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, since I'm into Relay for Life and on a committee myself.

Love these BIC pens! They write smooth, are stylish looking, and I love the grips.

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  1. I LOVE the Bic permanent markers! They have been my fav for a few years. I'll have to check out those pens too!


  2. Love the BIC permanent markers! :) I too, LOVE office supplies. It totally must be a teacher thing!


  3. You don't even know my obsession with a good pen, do you? Your post made me smile. How sad is that?!? ;)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  4. Yes to the Atlantis and the Velocity! Those are my go to pens. Although my favorite pen, even though it doesn't have a grip, are the fine point Sharpies. They glide even better than gel pens, although I can't use them for everything since they bleed through.

  5. Totally a teacher thing! I am always searching for the perfect pen!
    Buggy for First Grade


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