iPads in the Class

I subbed in a 5th grade class today and wow, about 90% off the day was taught with the iPad! Even the room is techie with QR codes all over and the hall display is part report, part QR code.

Out in the halls. 

On the wall..about books

Science/social studies

Learning targets

Math time, they went to Dropbox, then the math folder, then chapter 9 and then vids and they watched what a factor rainbow is. I was also displaying it on the screen. 
Then they did the problems I assigned. When they were done, they emailed it to their teacher.

Reading time, vocabulary was done on a file from Dropbox. ELD, they wrote on their iPad then recorded their voices.

There was a "centers" time and that was mostly on the computers or iPad. 

Hanging from the ceiling as a reminder why they have iPads:

Even I was on the iPad! I had Class Dojo up and that helped. I also had a whiteboard app and could connect with a kid and she would see what I was doing on the whiteboard or she could draw on mine. It was amazing. The app was just called Whiteboard.

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  1. Wow sounds like an awesome classroom. I love QR codes, dropbox, and Class Dojo!

    Sharon McBee

    Buggy for First Grade

  2. That is amazing! I just found out I am getting another iPad for the classroom, and I would love to know how to use them to their fullest potential!!


  3. WOW!! That is so cool! I would love iPads. My county just isn't there yet! Thanks for sharing!
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