Monthly Series #2: Refill That Sub Tub!

The second in the series already? That means this year is flying by!

Last month I talked about being ready for a sub and having a sub tub. This time I'm talking about restocking your sub tub. 

With the flu going around many places, you may have already been out since I last posted. Make sure that after a sub has used your sub tub, you replenish your sub tub. 

Or make sure that switch things up with new papers. I subbed for a teacher a week or so ago that has a ton of back up papers in her binder, but it was tricky to know if the kids had already used them this year or not. Thankfully I picked one that hadn't been done.

So if it's been used, pull it out to save for next year or a later date. You don't want your kids getting bored doing the same work again!

I have another freebie(s) for you. I've pulled another page from my Reading Activities for Any Book, made a Valentine's word activity (it is February after all), and a math number page.

If you ever need some freebies to help replenish your tub/binder, don't forget to check out Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie page! Just click on one of the days and you'll see other bloggers' links and posts to their freebies, right at your fingertips!


  1. I have to say, having a sub tub is the hardest thing for me! I am rarely absent, and when I am, I usually just write plans for that particular day. I know I should be prepared just in case though. I have emergency sub plans, but they are so generic that I would hate to ask a sub to use them! Thanks for inspiring me to make some new stuff to put in there!

  2. I love your blog and can't believe that I haven't seen it before! I am now following you and would love for you to stop by my blog and pick up some freebies!
    Patti :)
    A Series of 3rd Grade Events


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