100th Day Fun

Yesterday I subbed in 4th grade and it was the 100th Day. Now, it seems that K-2 are the only real big 100th Day fanatics at the school, but I  REALLY wanted to do something, because come on, it's something special!

So what did I do for the 'big kids'? I only had 3 activities, all from TpT!

My message for the kids :)

They loved this! Thanks to Lesson Plan Diva.

This is also from the same pack. They thought it was hilarious to be on the 100 dollar bill.

There were 10 sets of 10 words they had to do. I loved hearing "ooh multiply, factor, and percent are math words!"  Fun and learning at the same time! Thanks to Mr. G!

Another 4th grade teacher saw the 100 words and asked for a copy and gave it as homework! And the 5th graders were a teensy bit jealous the 4th graders got to do stuff!

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  1. Oh, I will have to pin these for next year. I blogged about a few things that I did with my fifth graders this year that they enjoyed. I think that they would really dig these activities.

    Fifth in the Middle


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