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I'm linking up with Hope over at 2nd Grade Shenanigans. She's having a linky party for the new year and today's topic is organization!

Organizing and me, well I like it but I don't do it as often as I should! Although I've been known to help out teachers and their libraries because I like helping in other classrooms!

Here's how I organize around home!

The new rack I just put up last night in the bathroom. Love it! And baskets are a must! Those are all Longaberger baskets. Hopefully the bathroom will stay more organized now!

On the shelf, this cute box I got for Christmas is holding my rings and bracelets.

How I organize my every day stuff, sub jobs, blogging schedule, etc.

Plenty of room! I got it from the Paper Coterie!

So many spices, but this spice rack pulls out! Yep, from the tv infommercial found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Got this for Christmas. I have soooo many recipes from all these magazines and copies of recipes that I had them in two binders. 

Now they are in one place and separated by main dish, dessert, soup, salad, beverage, etc.!

My purses *ahem* that's only some of them. I'm known for my purses....but got this purse strap thing at The Container Store. And while I was there, this scarf hanger. All hanging on the back of my bedroom door. Love my new chevron infinity scarf I bought myself off of etsy!

Computer wise, I'm almost done organize. I have folders all in Dropbox. Then I have a ginormous folder of clipart. Then I broke that folder down into a file for holidays, people, cars, letters, etc. And I am making sure the artist name is in the folder too.

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