5 Go To Stocking Stuffers

I'm usually good with Christmas shopping, but was a big ol' procrastinator this year and just finished the rest of it today.

I think I scored too! And I'm sooooo excited my scarf I ordered my mom came today instead of the 26th like it said it was. Whew!.

So I don't remember if I told you had I got uber upset because darlin' Dad decided to buy himself  the Kindle Fire my mom and I had planned for MONTHS to buy him for Christmas. He bought it Cyber Monday and now feels reeeeeallly guilty. As he should. Hahha just kidding :)

So I got him an Amazon gift card to buy books with and a nice leather Kindle Fire Cover.

For my mom, I got this cute grey leopard print scarf, a candle warmer and a ton of scents! Also Hungry Girl to The Max!


But my favorite part? Oh yeah, the stocking stuffers!!! Wal-mart had single dvds for under a buck! I also snatched up at the mall, my dad's fave coffee and a pair of earrings for my mom. And my go to? Scratch-off lottery tickets!

So here are my 5 go to stocking stuffers:
1. Scratch-off lottery tickets
2. Gift cards
3. Nail polish/lip gloss/body lotion
4. Favorite coffee/tea
5. Favorite candy

Scratch offs are cheap and fun. Gift cards allow the person to buy the item they want ( and for your favorite teacher, there are TpT gift certificates...hint hint!). Beauty products are small but meaningful. Coffee/tea are a useful item. And who doesn't love candy, especially if it is their favorite?

What's in your stocking?

Paper: Me
 Frame: Tales From Outside The Classroom
Stockings: The 3 AM Teacher

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