10 Winter Break Boredom Busters

I know, I know winter break just started for many. But those of you with kids will probably hear, "I'm bored!" at one point. So in case you need some ideas, here's my

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1. Visit places around your city. Walk around town, stop at a park, visit a museum or your library. There are free things to do in your town and maybe your library has events going on!

2. Bake cookies. Whether it's for you, a cookie exchange, or your neighbors, baking cookies lets you have quality time with the kiddos. And they'll enjoy decorating (and licking the spoon!)

3. Movie night! Break out the popcorn and curl up on the couch or floor with a blanket and watch a family movie.

4. Indoor snowball fight. Gather any paper you have, even newspaper , and crumple it up. Then declare a snowball fight and have at it!

5. Snowflakes. Whip out the paper and scissors and have the kiddos make snowflakes. They'll have fun and get into the winter spirit.

6. Look at Christmas lights. One city about 20 minutes away is known for their Christmas lights in several neighborhoods. We used to take drives around town to look at the lights. Or even stroll through my town.

7. Hot cocoa party. Invite friends or neighbors over and have some hot cocoa (and cookies).

8. Crafts. Whether it's Christmas or a regular craft, Pinterest is a fabulous place to spark the imagination. Kids will be creative with even just paper and crayons!

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9. Indoor (or outdoor) scavenger hunt. Write clues or draw picture hints and have your kiddos go on a scavenger hunt. The prize could be a candy cane or some small little trinket!

10. Build a fort. I remember the joys of building a fort and hiding inside. Curling up inside with a book and flashlight.

Hopefully these give you some ideas and help break the winter break boredom!

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  1. I will definitely use these with my 7 and 5 yr old boys! Thanks for sharing!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers


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