Linking up again, this time with Amy Lemons!

Today it's about downtime. 

What do I plan to do in my downtime? Hah that's a joke! 

When I have any spare time, I'm working on a project, blogging, pinning, or doing something with friends. I've planned some of my downtime.

I've decided to give myself some deadlines lol.

I also take time to read on my Kindle. I just finished reading:

Talk about twists and turns!

 My new favorite things is Google  Hangout. I video chat with some other bloggers, including Holly from Crisscross Applesauce and Squirrels. I do have a photo from one of our chats, but they'd kill me if I posted it haha! 

And spending more time with this precious furball. She's almost 10 years old (or so, don't know her  exact age) so I'm loving every minute with her!

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