Editing: COPS and Badge Buddies

Hey everyone!

I'm jealous that some of you are out of school already. Just a few more weeks and I'm there too!

My teacher friend had a few kiddos that were struggling with their editing during writing. They would say they were finished but looking at their paper, there wasn't any punctuation. Talk about a run-on sentence! After giggling as I demonstrated what their paper sounded like in one run-on, we got down to business.

Another teacher friend of mine had a brilliant idea! She'd seen the "COPS" thing on Pinterest and blogs and decided to a spin on it. Cue the badges from Dollar Tree.

This is how I would use them. Pick a few kids that have no problem editing at all. They are the ones that get badges and become "Badge Buddies". When they are done writing, they can pair up with the ones that need that editing help!

Here's a poster I saw on Stephanie's blog:

Of course I had to put my spin on it and also make a few things to go along with this, including a poster and a badge buddy certificate! I mean, any chance to use clip art to make cute things is a good reason, right?

I've added color and b/w versions, along with bullet and non bullet versions. And two badge certificates! This will hopefully make editing more fun!

Click here to grab your freebie

 photo finalfinalsignature.png


  1. LOVE this!! The badges are genius and your posters would be perfect in Writer's Notebooks for kids to refer to all year long. Thanks so much for the shout-out and for the freebies :)

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