Booking Across The USA: Representing Oregon

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     I had so much fun last year representing Oregon with Booking Across the USA, I couldn't pass up the chance again. Then we found out we were going to get a  Travels With Charlie book! I received the Travels With Charlie Way Out West from  Blue Apple Books.

Kids will love learning about the states in the West, learn new facts, and hunt for Charlie in the pictures. Each state page has a picture of the state, with pictures symbols for main things in that state, along with facts and a fun rhyming passage.

Seeing all the fun places Charlie went in the book, inspired me to take Charlie to a few places. Oregon is known for its trees and forests!

Thinking about these places made me think about where I would love to take Charlie if I had the time (beach, mountains, etc). So I've created a freebie to go along with this! I put together  a few interesting facts about Oregon,  some Oregon landmarks, a map, and some Oregon landmark trading cards (or for word walls).

Click here to get it!

Where would you take Charlie?

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  1. We loved our drive to Oregon last summer and then spending a week on the beautiful {but windy} coast! Wonderful idea to share the trading cards!

  2. Love the printables! My daughter loves the silver falls card and asked my husband take a picture of charlie next to the falls (he works there) so she could have a matching one with Charlie! Thanks for putting these together! I plan to use them on our next road trip!

  3. What a great idea to make trading cards of special places. Maybe an idea that we can expand on and share - trading card share across the states? For my preschoolers who love memory and domino games can see ways to use this idea for those purposes. Thank you!

  4. What amazing resources for a beautiful state! Thanks so much for being a part of Booking Across the USA.


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