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Hey everyone!

Quick post today. I'm sure you've seen other bloggers chat about a free website called GoNoodle. But I have to jump on the bandwagon. Not gonna lie. It's amazing!

The kids today needed a break like none other. So we did a breathing exercise  with Airtime. Then we did some singing with "Happy", boogied down with a chicken, and danced with frogs.

 Holy cannoli did that help the class focus better. And better yet, their little monster grew when he filled the meter. They're begging me to do it tomorrow when I'm back in their class. Thanks GoNoodle!

So I proudly post this badge!

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  1. GoNoOdle is the best! My kids can't get enough of it. It isn't like other brain breaks where my kiddos have a tough time transitioning; it actually helps my kids refocus and be more productive.

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  2. My munchkins LOVE GoNoOdle!! They ask for it all the time, and I've seen SUCH an improvement in focus and behavior since we started using it!!

    Have a great weekend!!
    Emily @ Munchkins Inc.

  3. I've been using GoNoodle for about the last month (since I saw this post) and my 4th graders love it! We've been using "Flow", the bubble game, and the "yoga" game to calm us down after recess... they don't all participate but it quiets them right down! They also really like all the sport activities... we haven't done many of the others though.

    Confessions of a Modern Day [ex] Substitute Teacher


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