What's Up Washi?!

Hey everyone!

I adore washi tape! If you saw my blog post after Christmas, you saw that I got a washi wheel with 20 washi tapes.

Ignore Checkers photobombing in the background!

What can you do with washi?  Anything really! In a past post, I washified (new word! or washied?) my iPad and storage containers. Currently I washi my daily planner, using it to highlight important events.

I've been going on pinterest and pinning several cute washi ideas. I cannot wait to make my own birthday cards for people using washi!!!

You can use washi for organizing your teacher files.

I've got friends that use washi on their white boards to separate it up for their objectives, washi letter initials, washi light switch plates, and more! If you'd like more ideas, come follow my washi board on pinterest!
Follow Tanja Tlusty's board Washi! on Pinterest.
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  1. I LOVE this post! I am madly in love with my washi tape. I use it sparingly because I don't want to waste it and I want to make sure I use it on the perfect idea. I never thought about using it on my folders! Brilliant!


    Halfway There


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