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I have set some goals for myself this year and I truly want to stick to them. Personal, blogging, and TpT! But I'm really excited about doing One Little Word by Ali Edwards. I even signed up for her class. She has a video once a month and printables for us that we work on. At the end of the year, I'll have a scrapbook focusing on my word. I'm so excited about this all! In order to focus on this word, I'll be blogging once a month about it. This might not be your word, but maybe it'll help you!

My word that I picked (and it picked me), is believe. It can encompass so much! Believe in myself. Believe in what I can do. Believe in what can happen. I made some quote/printables.  Feel free to pin for yourself :)

I saw this quote so I had to make a graphic for it. I love it!

I have more, but I think I'll save it for next month when I talk about my OLW. 

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  1. I just found your blog. I have a special ed teaching license, but since I haven't been able to find a teaching job and working as an aide pays peanuts, I recently signed up to be a sub in two different districts near me. Just got my first subbing job for Monday! The most difficult thing for me is that all my experience is in working with kids with special needs, in small classrooms with multiple assistants. I've never singlehandedlybeen in charge of a class of 20 or more, especially not in a regular education classroom! I will be pouring through your blog looking for advice. :)


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