Chinese New Year

Hey everyone!

The Chinese New Year is almost upon us..January 31!

You've already had a chance to grab my Chinese New Year Math Freebie (it's located from my freebie page too).

What else is there to do?

My bloggy buddy Rachel from The Tattooed Teacher has an amazing Chinese New Year pack that I adore! Kids make banners and learn about their signs.

Click here for her store.

Scrounging around on Pinterest, I found this cute craft of where the kids make the scaly body with their hands!

She just free handed the head after copying it from a book.

And this quick decoration, with a gold coin for gold luck (or a penny in this case). The symbol in the middle is for good luck.

What do you do for Chinese New Year? I don't really see that much celebrated around here in the schools, maybe just lanterns, but hardly ever.

 photo finalfinalsignature.png


  1. I see you post these things and I wondered, are these meant for substitute teachers to bring to classes, or for regular teachers to leave for their substitutes? Because in the classes I've subbed in, every spare second has been consumed with their regular routines. Maybe when I get better at subbing, there will be more spare time to do fun things like this!

  2. Thank you so much for this freebie! My second graders had a mini snow-cation here in Savannah, GA this week, so today was all about some fun Chinese New Year activities. They LOVED the roll and cover activity. I am posting some pictures on my blog if you want to link up or just check them out.

    Thanks again! You rock!


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