Vloggy Friday: What Makes A Good Sub?

Hey everyone!!!

Today's vlog is about what I think a 'good substitute' is. There's no right answer to what that is, but here's my take!

Thanks for watching! And remember, if you have a q for me, leave it in the comments below, on Youtube, or click 'contact me' above and shoot me an email. Class dismissed ;)

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  1. Great vlog! Thank you for saying something about not rearranging the classroom! I was out sick for 9 days last year with pneumonia but every couple days I would have to come in after school and get stuff ready for the sub. One afternoon I walked in and found quite a few of my things moved around. I was very unhappy! :(

  2. As a "guest teacher" :-), I have had the urge to clean (with a rag and spray cleaner) or tidy up, but refrained from doing so. I think that is the best part of being a sub, I can let go of what I think is best and respect what the teacher clearly has in place. I love it when the teacher asks me to fill in with one of my art or science classes, but it is EASIER to follow what the kids already know is the routine Thanks for the vlog. Love your stuff on TPT!! Very helpful and creative. Thanks!!


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