Brown Bear, Brown Bear Week!

Hey everyone! So happy that I have actual content stuff again. Love sharing what I do with you all! Whew, it's only Monday but I am EXHAUSTED! I'm subbing three days in kinder and today was only their second full day altogether because they stagger them and Friday was their first day altogether.

Overall, it went fairly well and only a few minor meltdowns. Today we kicked off Brown Bear, Brown Bear week. I was given instructions to wear a brown shirt and I was the only kinder teacher to remember. Tomorrow will be red!

Here's a peek at what we worked on today.

We talked about what things are brown. I read a flap book and then they worked on their own.

I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear (well in my case Oso cafe, Oso cafe since I'm in a bilingual class). Then since today was brown day, we only colored the bear today. And the cover, since the bear is on it.

This is a sequence activity and they'll color and glue on a sentence strip. Just getting things ready!

Tomorrow I'll wear red and we'll learn about red things and color in the red bird page of the book. I'm off to hunt for something yellow for Wednesday :)

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