Substitute Preparedness #9: Routine

Well, this substitute wasn't prepared and forgot to preschedule a blog post while I was on vacation haha! So here we are, the 9th installment of Substitute Preparedness!

Today I'm talking about routine. Whether you are at home or at school you need a routine. I'm going to talk about both.

At home, I have a routine that helps me be prepared for the next day, because I don't know if I'll get that 5:30 am call.  I have my lunch pretty much packed, clothes laid out, and sub bag ready. Even the coffee mug is ready for me to hit brew!

At school, kids need routine too. Don't try to change the schedule too much, just because you have a sub. Kids like a schedule and routine. They can even help out the sub if they know it well enough!

Today's freebies include a weekly layout. You could write your daily meal, what you are going to wear, important info, etc.  I have one in a picture frame so that I can dry erase on  it.  These can be used at home or at school. These could really be used for anything that you need to keep track of for the week.  Or even a quick chore chart for a kiddo. Enjoy :)

Click here or the picture.


  1. Hi Miss T,
    The Dropbox is empty - there's a message that says the contents has been deleted or removed.

    Your kind assistance is needed.

    Thanks in advance and take care.

    1. Thank you, it is working. Great freebies, keep up the great work

      Take care and God bless.

  2. Great tips! I agree with keeping a routine even when there is a sub. I mostly do that b/c I am so paranoid my kids will go nuts!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT


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