Realia In The Classroom: Pioneers and The Oregon Trail

Hey everyone!

Last time I talked about realia, I talked about Native Americans and things I got for the unit. I'm back with a new topic: Oregon Trail!

Since I live in Oregon, I have to do this topic justice!  Let's start with some of the books (I have several  more, but they are packed up.)

My kids will eat these up! I do have a handful more of Oregon Trail books, but they are packed up.

Next for the realia!

I plan on wearing these the first day of our unit to hook them in! 

Bonnet like Ma (Ingalls) would wear!

An apron with a pocket for teacher stuff is a must!

Here's me in the bonnet:

 I've read a few times that the ladies had a hard time seeing out, yep! Goofy blooper pic below haha.

Now for the kids...

I bought 2 sets of bandanas, but will have to go to the store to get a handful more because if I have 29 kids, they all need to wear one! When I was in 4th grade, we were in wagon trains and my wagon got shot at with arrows and we had to wear a bandana all day. Now I might do that or I might just let them wear it around their neck like a cowboy/girl . Maybe the girls could use as a bonnet?

Also in the plans... making our own butter, turning the desk groups into a wagon, maybe making hardtack...

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