Classroom Decor Haul #2

Hey everyone!

Not to be discouraged after having an empty Target Dollar Spot, I decided to go elsewhere. This was also after Vegas and feeling re-energized with all things teaching, I decided to hit up my local Dollar Tree after seeing several social media posts. Lo and behold, I had some success!  Even though green isn't one of my room colors and this blue isn't quite either, I love them. I'm thinking if I don't use these in my library, they'll be material storage in my science/math closet.

Then I saw the garbage buckets, perfect for cutting scraps. So cute!

Only thing I grabbed at Wal-Mart school wise was this calendar that matches my room and will keep me organized for meetings and that sort of stuff.

Finally I hit up my town's new TJ Maxx. Yes, TJ Maxx in town. Deadly. I had major success.

I grabbed a large and small woven black basket that will either be clipboards, magazine, or some other storage. The pic only shows the large one. I also got a 9 pack of organizing storage bins. I don't have a desk, but thought I might use it on a bookshelf to hold my stuff or for my guided reading table.

I found this amazing rug that was only $7.99 and is washable and you can even just shake out. Library area or front of the room I'm thinking.

Cute chalkboard apple jar for $2.99 that I'll keep treats in for teacher friends that stop in... they know I have the sweets.

This tea canister was so cute and though I do drink tea, I'm thinking it might be for my personal stash of sweets...shhh! Plus the ongoing joke is that I'm Ms. T that drinks tea, so I had to, and for $3.99, it didn't break the bank.

It seems to me that my room is going to be filled with little wooden signs with sayings and I LOVE IT! That will make the room seem more like a home.

First is the selfie one that is so appropriate. If/when I ever get a home office, this might have to come back home to there haha.

Finally, a sign that will hopefully help motivate my kiddos to work for what they want.

I really cannot wait to put these together in my class and see what it turns out like. I just want my room to feel comfy and like a home, classic, and something fun for my 4th graders. I'm loving all these accent pieces and knick- knacks!


  1. Score! I love the two signs you found at TJMax and the rug. Awesome!

  2. Awesome haul! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. That apple jar is way too cute! I may have to scope out my local TJ Maxx.

  4. Love the mini-garbage cans! Such a great idea. I've seen it before, but a good reminder to grab some. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Laura K.
    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs


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