Rain Forest Rumble

Hey everyone!

My room has transformed into a rain forest and I love it!

My kids walked into the room and spotted waterfall over the closet and the vine over the window. Here's a side by side shot.

Take some green streamers and twine around and you've got yourself some vines! Oh and that's Tara the Toucan. The kids voted on her name and I'm so glad they went with alliteration!

I thought that this hanging over the carpet would be a distraction, but they've done well!

Chester the Chimpanzee watches over the students haha!

My bulletin board outside has been a hit. Love these animals from Whimsy Workshop Teaching!

We read about the rain forest in my pack and the kids loved it.

I didn't pick this for the spelling, I picked it because they labeled and I didn't say they had to, makes this teacher heart happy!

They know their layers of the rain forest. Also, look at that sloth, so cute! 
So sad we're wrapping up this unit, but only because it's the end of the year.

I only have 10 more school days with kids! I mean really, where did the school year go? It feels like not that long ago, I was scrambling to put together my room and now I'm almost done with my first year of teaching. Speaking of teaching...my next post will update you on what's happening next year!
 photo finalfinalsignature.png


  1. I love how you decorated your room. Your kids must have been so excited to walk in and see that jungle!
    Well done, you!

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