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Hey everyone!

I don't know if it's a teacher thing or what, but I love lamps! Yes, it just went Anchorman up in here haha! I got a Safco Vamp LED Flexible Neck Light from shoplet and I LOVE it!

I honestly haven't seen a lamp like this before. It can swivel, fold, has a usb port, can change from warm to cold light, and you can change how bright or dim it is.

Here it is folded

Extended out

I decided to try to open it all the way and it did!

Love that I can plug in my phone charger if I want to.

Touch of a button and the warmth and brightness change. Also, a touch turns it on or off!

Seriously one of the coolest lamps I've ever seen or used. Just a touch on the the icon and it's going!

**This is an honest review. All opinions are mine. I was sent the lamp to review in return of a review. Shoplet has other things besides office supplies like  stationary, and promotional products and more!
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