StickerUSA and Magnet Fun!

Hey everyone!

Last year, Barker Creek sent me some stuff to review and I fell in love with their stuff. Here's a link to the blog post. When they wanted to work with me again, I said yes! They are a great company and so nice!

When I got the box, I saw a cute little flower drawn on there :) Don't mind the rips, I just took off my address.

So first up are the magnets and the magnet board. The magnets are high frequency words and each color stands for something, like green is noun, purple is proposition, etc.

The magnet board is really nice too! I even turned the tray upside down and all the pieces stayed on.

I could see this being used in so many ways. Use it to teach sentence structure, or review nouns/verbs/adjectives/pronouns/propositions.  You could scramble a sentence and kids have to unscramble. Take out a word and have kids replace it. The possibilities are endless! This would be a fabulous center during literacy or guided group instruction.

And then I may have sighed as I pulled out the StickerUSA book. It was all shiny and pretty.

There are flash cards, stage pages, and more! There are stickers of the states and capitals, stickers of the abbreviations, state bird and flower stickers, and flag stickers!

Western Meadowlark is my state bird.

My state!

Do you see yours?

Then there are these flash cards.

And this colorful map!

These are the printables. Kids stick the sticker on and write on the back.

 There's even a  page with the rivers, mountains, and regions.
I tell you, this book is thorough! There are more pictures I could post of the book haha! If you are teaching about the USA, you need this! You could assign each kid a state (or two). If you are homeschooling, you could do a state a day/week!

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