5 Tips For Teaching Time

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When a friend approached me and said that her second grade kiddos were struggling to tell time, and she had no resources to go with time, I knew I had to help. I found some great tips in helping her!

Teaching Special thinkers had cubes to help teach time. Five cubes in one color for five minutes and alternated colors. I think this is a great way for kids to get hands on with time and it is very visual.

First Grade Wow used a hula hoop for making a clock. I've seen large and small variations on Pinterest of the hula hoop clocks. In one, the kids were the hands on the clock!

On this blog, the kids make their own clocks from two paper plates. Cheap and simple! The clock on the front flips up to show how many minutes underneath.

And I've seen this is a few classrooms. How cute does the clock look now?
So cute!

Finally, I created a unit for my friend. It has a little of everything!

Teaching Time

Teaching Time

Kids read the analog clock and figure out what it says digitally. Then they can write on the analog clock to the hour, half hour, quarter to , and quarter past. 

They can write on the digital clock to the hour, half hour, quarter to , and quarter past. Second grade CCSS require kiddos to do time to the five minutes, so  I threw these in there.

Elapsed time activities, CCSS also say kiddos need to know A.M. and P.M. There's also cut and paste and interactive notebook pages too!

Here's the link to it in my store!

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