Orange You Ready For Summer?

Hey everyone!

I am so happy summer vacation is here! It means that I get to relax a little, work on TpT stuff, blog more, Vegas (SDE and TpT conferences) and just in general, hit my refresh button!

To start off, it was one of my teaching besties birthday. I was inspired by those orange themed pins I've seen floating on Pinterest .

So I went to the store and grabbed a few things. Instead of a gift bag, I found a cute orange and white striped tote that will be perfect when she goes to the beach or fun little day trips. Though a student bombarded me as I was speculating, and wanted me to go with the blue and white, I told her I had an idea/theme in mind. She told me this was second best, haha!

I wrote notes (in orange neon sharpie) on all of these and used the word "orange" instead of "aren't". I said that Reese's isn't orange flavored, but comes in an orange package.

 I strapped on a zebra nail file as she loves zebras! Too bad it wasn't orange :) And appropriately, the nail polish color is tangerine haha.
I filled up this water cup with orange and also peach/mango flavored packets. She was delighted with the whole thing!

Then I've been puttering around in the backyard, admiring the berries that are coming along just nicely!

And I must say, I've been enjoying my camera! I'm hopefully headed off to my friend's farm/produce place (I can't call it a stand anymore, like it used to be lol). I'll snap pics of animals hopefully and then shop for cherries, berries, and veggies.  I love summer sooooo much!

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  1. How fun! We should do a blogger meetup in early August....I can't keep track of all the tot/Vegas dates.
    Chickadee Jubilee


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