Bright Ideas:DIY Classroom Organization and Decor

Hey everyone!

I love when I can make something myself and it actually turns out decent! And it's a bonus when it's decor and organization wrapped into one.

Journey of a Substitute Teacher Classroom Organization and Decor

So I'm linking up again with the: 

 I made this project last summer with a picture frame from the Dollar Tree, a piece of scrapbook paper, and a sharpie.  And this is what I got! You could also type and print this out, but I figure once I tire of this scrapbook paper, I will swap it out with another.

Easy to write on and wipe off!

Now the other DIY I'm showing, I didn't make, but I have made them as gifts before. You need a plastic photo frame that stands (you'll see in the pics below), scrapbook paper,  a post-it note pad, hot glue gun, and any decor elements, like ribbon.

You slip the scrapbook paper in the photostand (again, this is nice if you change room decor and need to swap out). Hot glue the post-its to the frame. Then decorate! I personally like ribbon wrapped around the top.

So there you have it! Easy DIY that look great and keep you organized, while stylish too.

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  1. My teammate gave us all a frame with scrapbook paper in it as a gift. I use that puppy every day!

  2. That is a great idea to use the scrapbook paper in the frame! So easy to change it out for the seasons or holidays too!
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  3. Cute and simple! I made a menu board like this at home, but not one for school. Duh!

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