Common Core Math Websites: For Kids

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So I'm taking some online classes for PDUs from TeachersFirst and Ok2Ask  and tonight was all about Common Core and Math. Holy smokes did I leave that hour class with a ton of website ideas. So many, that I think this will be a two-parter. I'm breaking it into a blog post about websites for kids and one about websites for teachers (second one should be out Sunday ).

So these were just some of the websites for math and kids. There are many more out there, but these are the  ones that I was told about and tested for myself. I'll leave you the link and a little blurb.  In no particular order....

1. XP Math Games (Grades 2-9)

I liked being able to look up a specific topic, like division, and then there was online practice. Plus there are other math games.

2.  Math Flix (Grades 3+)

Why do I like it? It has math videos on basically every subject. There's a teacher and a student page. This did seem like a website for the older kids, based on the topics

3. Brain Pop (Grades 3+) and Brain Pop Jr. (K-3)

I'm sure a lot of you know about Brain Pop already, but it is fun and fantastic! A variety of games.

4. IXL (All Grades)

First off, I love that is something for ever grade!  You click the grade, the strand, and then it brings up online practice of that strand.

5. Math Playground (Grades K-6)

Again, you choose the grade, the common core standard, then there are games that pertain to that standard. All thinking on your part. Brilliant!!!

Last, but not least. And maybe my personal favorite....

6. Mr. Nussbaum  (Grades K-8)

There are instructional videos and then you click on the right side to play the game. The coolest thing? Most of these games can also be played on the iPad!!!!

And I admit...I sampled games on Mr. Nussbaum for quite awhile. Especially "Becoming Lord Voldemath"

So there you go. Six websites for your kids to go to for fun. There are certainly more out there. Next blog post will be common core math resource sites for teachers!


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