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Hey everyone!

Glad to be back with the Bright Ideas Hop. It was so much fun last time and really reminded me why I was blogging, to share ideas. Pure content.

As a substitute, I sometimes have no lessons or gaps in lessons. If it's someone that I've subbed for a lot, they even say I can teach my own lessons. What do I like do ? Art!

I have a few simple art ideas that take no time at all and nothing needs to be cut out!

1. Stained Glass art

With stained glass art, you crumple up a piece of paper (the kids will love that part a lot!) and then trace along the lines with a sharpie or black marker. Then color in each fractured part. You'll see mine below, not finished, but you get the idea (I was teaching 2nd graders an art lesson on lines).

2. Squiggle art
I'm sure you've all done squiggle art. It's nothing new. You just draw a squiggle on a paper or a student does and then they have to draw a picture from that.

Here's my friend Jen's example from Teacher By The Beach (formerly known as The Teacher's Cauldron)

3. Zentangle Art

Now, I was taught this in college and was told you could do it it two ways. Straight lines or a curved line. I prefer the straight lines myself. You just make straight lines any which way all over the paper and then doodle a design in each one. I love the black and white look. The examples I did down below, I folded in 8 parts instead of drawing lines all across.

 This one was done in kind of a rush. I was trying to show the kids quickly so they had time to get started on theirs.  The one beneath is personally my favorite but I didn't finish one square. I love the arrow, the bead, and the feather look personally.
Really, anything can be done. I prefer using black markers on white paper, but sometimes color is fun. You could teach cool and warm colors. If you did the square thing like above (or rather rectangle) and then cut them out and made a class 'quilt'.

 And I saw someone's design on line that I so want to do!

Next on this hop is Lori from Teaching With Love & Laughter! Head on over to Lori's post for some more great ideas!

And there are many more ideas in this hop!

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  1. I hopped over from the Bright Idea Blog Hop! This is terrific and would be great at home too!
    Your friend,
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  2. Great tip! I will have to add these to my files.

  3. What a great idea! Love the Squiggle Art idea. After students draw they can write about their drawing!
    LMN Tree

  4. Such a fun post! What great ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  5. Great activity, and I saw Arlene's suggestion to use them as a prewriting activity - excellent tip!

    Buzzing with Ms. B

  6. Um...I admit I haven't done the hop...but I just saw my squiggle art! awww.... I feel so loved! <3


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