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Hey everyone!

First off, thank you to the people that commented with a question! Made me feel like at least I wasn't talking to cyber space haha! A few of you I responded back into a comment, but I'm putting them all here!

Question: What do you carry in your sub bag?

Answer: I carry Mad Libs, a read aloud book, stickers/erasers as rewards (or bribes!), art ideas, and copies from my sub plans or reading activities on TpT.

Question: I'm subbing long term. How do I make the transition easier?

Answer: I've never subbed in long term, but I have an idea of what I would do. I would make sure to visit the class to get to know the kids before hand. I would want to see how the schedule goes, routines, etc. Maybe bring a little gift for the kids? On the first full day, maybe a get to know you game.

Question: What grades do you prefer?

Answer: I love subbing in elementary. K-3 are my faves though!

Question: How do you get your jobs?

Answer: My main district runs through Sadie. The other district, a lady has to call for all the schools.

Question: How do you handle tough kids?

Answer: I get down on their level so I'm not towering over them. Then I talk, not yell at them. Usually something is going on and I want to find out why they are acting out.

Question: What do you do with your photos you post on your blog?

Answer: They're mostly stored in Dropbox. Easy access and there forever (unless I delete them!)

Always feel free to post a question on any blog post or send me an email. I will answer!
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  1. Did I miss the answer to the favorite color question? :)
    You are simply the sweetest! I bet your sub calendar is ALWAYS full! Want to sub in California? Oh wait, that won't work if we are going to meet and chat...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Ooh, Madlibs! What a great idea! Do you ever have days where the kids are just wild and won't listen? I had a day like that today... most of the kids were so sweet, but there were two boys that were just being tornadoes, and the other kids couldn't seem to help feeding into it. They had a classroom behavior management system where you move your name to a lower spot, but neither of them seemed to care at all about this. I had a positive motivation system (the Mystery student thing with stickers at the end), I tried talking calmly to them and giving them choices, I tried being firm with them and giving consequences, but nothing worked! I was so glad to leave at the end of the day.

  3. I have been an elementary substitute for the last two years. I don't have a question but a comment on something I saw for the first time yesterday and thought it might be helpful for teachers creating sub plans. The teacher I subbed for left clear directions and all was very organized. We were doing a lot of worksheets that day. She not only left the worksheets, but also a KEY for each one with the answers or sentences she wanted or as an example. This really helps a substitute because we don't know the expectations or what answers students should be giving. Thought I'd just throw that point out there.


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