Substitute Preparedness #8: Reading and Subs

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to my monthly series.

Last month's sub binder was a HUGE hit and went viral, so thanks so much! I appreciate the pins and repins, I truly do!

So looking at my title, you're probably thinking,  what does reading have to do with subs? Reading has a lot to do with subs (I think so anyway lol) We read the lesson plans (well most of us do), but that's not what I meant by reading.

I can pretty much guarantee that there is a read aloud time in your schedule. I try to bring my own books from home, so that they are 'special' and not necessarily something in the teacher's library. On the other hand, I do love reading the author of the month books, like Robert Munsch, Eric Carle, etc.

What kinds of books have I brought and read to kids? Stuff from local book shops (mine closed a few years ago, boo!), local author books, and just some no name brand books. I find that they hold the kiddos interest better because it's not something they've seen before (I do love me some SkippyJon Jones though and David books).

So funny!

This is a fave and the kids love counting with me and watching out for the cat.'

Another reason a sub doing a read aloud is great, is that it's a chance for the sub to connect with the class. I can't but help share my love for reading with the kids and they can see that. I also tend to use voices (hello SkippyJon!) when reading and they love that!

With the older kids, I tend to read when they are reading. Yes, I can still keep an eye on the class (peripheral vision). But they think it is the COOLEST thing ever that I'm reading when they are. And no, it's not romance haha! I try to either read a young adult book when I'm there or a mystery book.

In Vegas, I went to one of Danny Brassell's  sessions and he said that's what teachers should do. Read when the kids read and not work on grading papers or sit at your computer. The kids will be more involved.

I still remember the time I was reading a book in a 3rd grade class that was having a hard time doing the 'reading to self" bit and were super noisy. But some kids started shushing others so that they wouldn't disturb Ms. T while she was reading and pretty soon, every one was reading. They were also interested in what I was reading and what was about. They thought it was cool that I like mystery and suspense books.

There is a sub tub freebie that goes along with's a rate the book freebie and some bookmarks your sub can hand out to the kids.

sub tub
Click here to get it!

So the seconds freebie is a tad different than norm. It's not something that you would put in your sub tub, but something that you would put in your library.

So what this reading area poster set has is posters with reading quotes and a little graphic. There are also quotes from movie/book characters with graphics. I put them in landscape and in portrait options both.

Here's a peek :)

Click the cover or this link to grab them!

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  1. Wow! What a great pair of freebies! They will be on my To Be Copied list ASAP ;o) I look forward to using them with my students this year - thanks for sharing!

  2. The reading quotes are adorable! Make some more!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. I love your creations and the books you mentioned! I'm always looking for unique books that the students may never had read or seen before. Thank you for sharing!

    Teaching Special Kids

  4. I love your book suggestions and your freebies. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for these great freebies. I think I'll rotate the book quote posters in my first grade library area.

  6. I love to read when the kids are reading. I either bring whatever I'm currently reading (I don't read anything that in my opinion could be considered inappropriate) or a Readers Digest (bonus - if I happen to finish the Readers while I'm there I leave it for them... I'm assuming it normally gets cut up and destroyed rather than read though).
    I have however gotten in trouble for reading when the kids are reading. I felt like I had control over the class and everyone was sitting and doing their job and I still got a talking to. I'm glad other people out there are recommending this (clearly the teacher who talked to me needs to here this guy speak!) and that other people are doing it!

    I go to Chapters clearance section for my picture books! You won't find the more popular or well read books there so it is a pretty safe bet that you won't bring a book that the entire class has heard before (unless it's because you were there before and forgot about it). I wrote an entry on it here

    I also bring The Book of Awesome for the older grades (middle years). The stories are short and relatable. Just maybe have one in mind before you crack it open so you can be sure it is appropriate. I wrote about that here.

    Confessions of a Modern Day Substitute Teacher.

  7. I love your suggestions and wonderful shared items you offer. Thank You


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