First official Vlog!

Hey everyone!

I'm kind of geeking out about my Vloggy Friday!  So after my first one posted, I was so psyched to do my next one that I filmed it! And then I had to be like some of my fave vloggers and have an intro. My mom just shook her head when I showed it to her. "You are such a goofball." Um yep and I wanted to show you the real me!
 Don't mind the double intro and credits. When I did my original editing, I put a slide in for a cover and a slide in for credits and then went all fancy with a separate intro and credits that blends in. So my next vlog will be even better...practice makes perfect! And I turned up my volume to hear me and then the credits blasted my ears hahaha.

Anyway, SUPER excited for my official looking vlog :) And without further ado...

 photo finalfinalsignature.png

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  1. OhMyGolly! That was adorable! I love your sweet voice and you sound as gentle and kind as I imagined. So glad you vlogged and shared yourself with your BloggyFriends... or does that makes us your VloggyFrineds?

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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