Wedding Bliss

I just have to say congrats to my two friends that got married yesterday! It was a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family and we danced the night away!

One of my most favorite parts was lighting heart lanterns for well wishes.

They lit up the sky! 

We also found out some later that people in the city were trying to figure out what the glowing lights in the country were hahaha! We were out on a farm.

Top left: We were in the greenhouse but there were white lights and white lanterns everywhere!
Top right: Wedding party table. The last name made from wood blocks.
Bottom left: Schedule of events and wedding party. I LOVED it! The images for each person are exact.
Bottom right: Part of the table decor. Boxes of hershey kisses, bubbles, candles, vases with either tulips or orchids, or lilacs. 

Best entertainment ever was the DJ Doc Titus aka the Party Doctor. He is funny, entertaining, and upbeat. We did the limbo, we cha-cha slided (slid?), macarenad, did the electric slide, dance to Cotton Eye Joe, Footloose, Twisted, Gangam Styled, and he played some 80's and 90's songs. Push It, Baby Got Back, Jump Around, and a ton more. My feet slightly hurt today from all the dancing haha.

Me all dressed up and my nails painted with polish from my Ipsy bag and a ring from Very Jane.
Necklace from Cookie Lee and shirt from Heart 2 Soul.

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