Scissor Time!

I geek out over some things, like office supplies. So I was super excited when I opened my package from Acme to review some of their scissor products!

First I busted out the Westcott Kid Scissors. They're super cute and pink! And a nice blunt tip.

Seriously so cute! And they have Microban protection. No nasty stuff from these!

 Then I took out the Westcott Titanium Bonded scissors. It says tape and glue won't stick. I love that they're 8 inches and comfortable to use!

I saved my favorite for last, Wescott's Scissor Mouse! I mean um, hello, this will make crafting and couponing soooo much easier!  That let red thing is where you slide the paper in to guide. Then just push down the mouse and move along and it cuts so nice and smooth!

Nice cut! Seriously is just like a computer mouse. If you are a crafter, couponer, or want to cut your teacher products, I would seriously recommend the scissor mouse!

Used the itty bitty to cut an itty bitty heart.

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  1. I actually like the Westcott scissors. I was able to find them for 50 cents one day at a discount store. I stocked up!! :)

    First Grade and Fabulous


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