No Bones About It...

I was in first grade a few days this week and they are learning about the senses/body. To finish up their unit, we did a bone art piece.

Take a paper and staple it on top of another paper that has a skeleton printed on it.

Bottom paper.

Then trace a body/hair/face/clothes on top. Students will have fun flipping between their skeleton and their clothed selves!

My example

Just noticed she's barefoot!


Holy hair! Dolly Parton?

Love the mohawk!

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  1. Hello My Sweet Ms. T:
    Don't you just love how different kids do the same task differently? I love Miss Barefoot and Miss Fancy Hair!
    I also loved the note you shared on TT the other day. I am sure all of the kids just DELIGHT in having you in their classrooms. I bet you're the FUN visiting teacher!
    Sending you a cyber hug...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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