Marshmallow Shooters

We had our 3  classes at my other 'work' this Saturday. And as you can guess by my title, we made marshmallow shooters!

And it was super duper easy to make!

You just need some pvc pipes, 2 caps, 2 Ts and 2 elbows!

There is only one long piece too! And no glue necessary.

Here is the basic set up. Just didn't put the elbows and T's, but you'll see in my example below.

We decorated ours with duct tape!

Checkers had to investigate.

You put the mini marshmallow in the mouth piece and blow. Stale marshmallows are awesome!

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  1. Fuuuunnnn!!!!!!!!!! :) I think I might have to make some of those to play with at home!!! :)

  2. This would be a fun Christmas gift to assemble too!
    First Grade and Fabulous

  3. Heeheehee...
    I clicked on this expecting to read about a different type of "shooter"--as in the beverage type. If you have a recipe for those, I'll check back : )
    Of course, I'll check back anyway because you such a sweet BloggyFriend!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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