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  2. I am getting ready for my students to play your wonderful Halloween Roll and Dice games. I have one question about the Roll and Cover. Is this a partner game? The directions say to roll 2 dice and cover up the circle that has their sum. Just checking. Thanks again. I can't wait to have my kids practice their math facts with these cute game boards.

    1. Either way works, but I think on that particular game, individual is best. It says 2 dice, because the sums are 7-12, so they'd need 2 dice :)

  3. Did I win the drawing for the item from your store? I hope so! I'm so very excited. My email is Let me know...If not, it's ok! I bought the educents bundle anyway...but still am excited! Very excited!! thanks again for sharing your great ideas!


  4. I've just spent over an hour on your blog! I am feeling so much better about subbing for my first time. Thank you for all of your hard work putting these lessons together!


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