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I know some of you have wrapped up your school year and some of you are like me, wrapping up the school year. My principal keeps reminding us that we need to be educating the kids even on the last day of school. I want to do fun things with them and still be educational and Carson-Dellosa is helping me with that!

I'm going to be using their  Infographics book. These are dry erase friendly and on cardstock! Perfect for my guided reading groups and they'll be reading topics that they're interested in.

They read an infographic and on the back, answer some questions. 
 Bonus: You can tear out the pages so multiple students can be reading several infographics!

Dry erase friendly!

Before my students head out for the summer, I want to send some summer work home with them. Don't want that summer slide!

I'll be making copies from the Summer Bridge Activities book. It has 5th grade material too, so I can help them get ready for next year. I love that it has multiple subjects covered.

My kids will be set for the summer!

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  1. Those Infographics materials look great. Kids always need more practice with those. Thanks for sharing such great resources.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. I have three kids entering Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 5th grade next school year and all of them have been using the Summer Bridge Activities books since school let out here a couple of weeks ago along with a couple of other worksheets each day out of other books. This is our third year doing "summer" worksheets and it benefits each of my kids in different ways. My oldest needs the extra help as some subjects don't come easy to him and he really has to work for his grades. My middle is bright but has attention and focus struggles so these worksheets help him in that area through the summer. Sitting down for about 30 minutes each day keeps him somewhat in the mindset of what the teachers expect from him at school and we don't have as much trouble at the start of the new school year settling into routine. Lastly my daughter going into Kindergarten is doing these to help show her what some of the work will be like when she gets to school and these sheets are helping to reinforce letters, shapes, numbers, etc so she doesn't lose what she learned in preschool.

    Overall summer practice has been really good for our family for a variety of reasons!


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