Teaching Students About Land and Water

Hey everyone!

My class just finished up their land and water unit. They did an amazing job!

We started off the whole unit with each table group having a plastic box and mixing gravel, sand, clay, and soil to create their land. Each box has a hole that has a plug. I use the kits our school has, from STC.

My kiddos started off with condensation and then precipitation.

They progressed to creating rivers and studying the flow of water from a small hole in a cup to a large one, to one with three holes.

They learned about redirection of water with hills and also saw erosion. They built dams, planted yellow mustard seed to see a natural dam. Learning about how plants stop erosion was an eye opener for them.
 Then they had to be engineers again and create the perfect landscape for no flooding. 

Finally it ended with slideshow presentations from each group and most chose to do theirs  about dams or water.

This unit took us several weeks, but my student never grew tired of it and looked forward to science. Seeing them work together to create and engineer the dams and landscapes was thrilling for me!

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  1. Great idea! When I taught grade 4 we had a science unit about Rocks and Minerals. I took students to the sandbox to learn about erosion and how to protect land... but I like this idea better!

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