Party Animals

Hey everyone!

We partied it up in my class on the 19th and I just had to share how much fun I had with my first official Christmas party (err...winter party) with my kids!

We are obsessed with writing by the fireplace. So calm and cozy!

We got a new class pet, Spot. He's big, but I don't have to feed or clean up after him!

We had a pajama day. Note, this is at the end of the day. I am POOPED!

Our one of 2 junk food parties for the year. We're a healthy school and they did not skimp on this opportunity! That was not my plate, but one of my kids! 

Pajama day in the morning, before all the craziness. So cute and calm.

I gave them a cocoa bar and they loved it! That hot water thing is the best ever! I've used it for boiling water for science (the crystals) and now for hot cocoa. The parents thought it was genius!

I'm glad I have 2 weeks to recover from this crazy day!

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