Multiplication, computers, oh my!

Hey everyone!

I have to work Monday and Tuesday Thanksgiving week, but we will still have fun. Even if I'm subbed out for 1/2 of Monday. And my kids will be crazy. Yep, we'll still have fun #justkeeptellingmyselfthat

Since we are working on persuasive writing, they will be writing to persuade others to not eat turkey. I can't wait to see how these turn out!

We're on our last two days of rocks and minerals and will be moving on to a new unit after Thanksgiving. I can't wait!

Multiplication has started and I'm loving Engage NY (this will be my first full unit of Engage NY) and the kids are getting it!

I made this clip chart to be displayed in their backpack closet (it's a long wall with hooks).  Then as they pass a times level, they will get a certificate. They all earned their 0's and on Monday they'll get their 1's. They love them so much!

 It's from my Multiplication Masters pack.

I finally got some sort of technology in the class for kids! I was supposed to get 10, but I am NOT complaining. I had 3 broken laptops and two computer screens with no towers attached. Yeah. Just got rid of them last week finally.

We call them clam shells, but I'm just thrilled to have them! My kids will be able to go on IXL and Khan Academy during math time now.

Do you have any favorite math websites?

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  1. Definitely sumdog. Kids BEG to go on it in all 3 districts in which I work.


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