Substitute Preparedness: Earth Day and a Freebie

Hey everyone!

Eek! It snuck up on me! But is here, tips, ideas, and a freebie!

Events this month: 

  • National Poetry Month (all month)
  • Passover April 14-22
  • Easter April 20
  • Earth Day April 22
Teacher Tip: If you've got nice weather, take the kids out! Let them doing writing outside. Need imaginative writing? Have them draw what the clouds look like. Learning about insects or plants? Have a nature hike/hunt!

Sub tip: You've most likely survived Spring Break by now. The kids will be tired because they won't have had a steady bedtime. So do some brain breaks! Take 5-10 minutes and get the wiggles out. Do stretches. Get them moving!

And now for Earth Day! Here are some ideas from some bloggy friends of mine.

From sweet Lyndsey at A Year of Many Firsts...

And here's the freebie!

Click here to grab the freebie.


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