Using Poems in Class

Hey everyone!

I have several people that ask me how I use my holiday/seasonal poems that I create in my store. I always carry my poems with me because the kids eat them up! Well not literally, but you know what I mean!

Right now in my sub bag are my Gobble It Up Poems.

Here are some of the poems from the pack.

How do I use them? It depends on the class and also depends on what they are learning. If they struggle with nouns, I have them highlight all the nouns. One of my friends uses my poems to teach adjectives.

Here I used one of my poems to show verbs in blue and adjectives in yellow.

Depending on the poem, I've used them to teach alliteration. Most of my poems rhyme, so that is another teaching point.

My favorite way of using the poems is to use silly voices. Can't wait to use these next week! And I need to print my Christmas and Winter Poems soon!

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  1. These look absolutely yummy. They're already in the cart! The poems are great for fluency and thanks for sharing other ways to use them!


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